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What got you started?

In this industry never stop learning or growing

Being in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years now, I understand it is forever evolving and changing, so it’s extremely important to continue your learning. I’ve always loved studying a wide variety of courses to allow me to really allow for PERSONAL training. To provide the style of training that works to get your clients to achieve their goals in the quickest time possible.


BSC Honours Degree in Sports Studies

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation

Level 4 Global Bridging Functional Anatomy

NASM Nutrition Certification

Junior Athletic Conditioning
Ante and Post Natal

Circuit training

Pad boxing


Do you feel your degree has helped you in the health and fitness industry?

Yes, 100%. It has allowed me to have a greater understanding of sport and the industry as a whole.

How important is both nutrition and exercise in achieving your goals?

It is exceptionally important to combine both. Without the correct nutrition you won’t have the fuel your body needs to see the change you desire.


It's great to get the health and fitness message out there

Living a good healthy lifestyle brings so much happiness to so many people. Therefore, it’s so important to provide the public with information on health and fitness. I had so much fun on the few tv segments I’ve done on Fox 5 news and the CW News 3 network. Also being featured in Motor Resource magazine.

Let continue to spread the word, and provide people to feel great and live a long life in doing so!

What got you started?

I first fell in love with field hockey

My passion for sports began at a young age of 5 when I started playing field hockey. Following in my parents sporting footsteps. My father playing Field hockey for 35 years and my mother who was always active and still playing golf.

I was incredibly lucky to have top coaches throughout my entire school career in Methodist College Belfast. As well as school I been in the Junior club of Belfast Harlequins hockey club. My aspiration of being part of the sporting industry grew naturally, and I began shadowing and helping out coaches, health professionals and top strength and conditioning coaches from the age of 14.

What position did you play in field hockey?

I main played as right defense, which also happened to be where my father played.

Did you play any other sport in school?

I played as many sports as I could, including athletics/track, basketball, cricket and dance.

Why would you recommend playing sport in school?

It is such a fun way to remain healthy, make great friends and gives you a great sense of accomplishment learning a new skill.

Do you prefer playing or coaching?

I love both equally. It amazing to be able to watch and partake in a great game, that you have helped be apart of.

Are you competitive?

YES. Enough said.

Was there a particular coach that inspired you?

Rosin Walsh at Belfast Harlequins was one of the first coaches that I learnt so much from. I always loved her enthusiasm. And Graeme Francy, the coach of the Irish U18 taught me so much in terms of the use of psychology of how to motivate players. I have never met a coach who was able to speak quietly while boosting his players to go and achieve a win.

You coached field hockey, too?

My love for playing turned into my love for coaching

After clearly having such a passion for enjoyment for playing sport, I naturally began coaching. It is fantastic to see a team coming together and win.

One of the biggest highlights in my strength and conditioning career was training the Irish Under 18 hockey team for 2 years. We had a 2 year plan to get to the European championships. Not only did the players the get there, they won. Receiving the Gold medal as a team, and two of the girls winning individual MVP and top goal scorer of the tournament.

It was a honor to observe many of these players to now become top players of the senior Irish team.

As well as training the Irish hockey girls, I was also the strength and conditioning coach of Belfast Harlequins hockey club. This consisted of training 5 teams, while partaking in playing myself.

Where did you attend school?

I attended Liverpool Hope University for 3 years

Along side attaining my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Studies, I played on our university team during my full 3 years.

During my last 2 years I was appointment coach, captain and Strength and Conditioning coach. Playing in both the university and local league. With a great dedicated squad the girls worked so hard for me and we won our league.

While playing hockey, I worked as a trainer within our university gym, and received my degree. I had such a passion for what I was learning I received high marks for my dissertation studying the psychology highly used within body building.

What did you degree consist of?

I studied sports psychology, sports physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and sports development.

What was your favorite part of university?

Having the opportunity to vastly study all aspects of sport that I had such a passion for.

Have you continued your education?

I believe to remain on top of your game is to always continuing to learn , read, study and grow your knowledge as the fitness industry is always changing.

Do you specialize in a particular style of training?

I love working with all different people with different goals.

Do you have one client that you personally think was the most succesful?

Any client who shows me dedication, motivation and even the smallest step towards their goals is successful in my eyes.

What was the favorite course your ever completed?

I’ve built my knowledge of health and fitness doing a vast amount of different courses, but one of the toughest courses I went on was my pad boxing course. After 3 days of 8 hours a day of boxing, it was amazing to learn how tough boxing is. And it taught how much more there is to the sport.

Do you prefer group exercise or personal training?

I find I can achieve great results working one on one with clients. But I do enjoy teaching groups, as when you have a full class, all working towards one goal, the energy can be electric.

Have you worked at a gym?

I've worked mainly at 2 amazing gyms in Northern Ireland and Las Vegas

The main bulk of my working career has been within the prestigious gym chain of David Lloyds in Belfast, Northern Ireland for seven years. Throughout the years I have gained a vast amount of experience from working with a wide variety of clientele. This became evident when my client won the PT HERO of the year competition throughout the entire David Lloyd Empire. This was a competition of over 10,000 clients. This prestige helped show the skills I have developed as a trainer and why I am within the top 10% trainers within the company gaining the status and title of David Lloyds Platinum trainer.

It is my desire to continue to grow my knowledge base throughout different aspects of training to gain greater success with more specialized population groups. Such as, completion of the NASM nutrition certification, an ante and post natal course, cardiac rehabilitation and a global bridging functional anatomy qualification.

After making a big move to the west coast of America, I aim to continue to grow as a trainer in my new work place at the exclusive Kilo Club, Las Vegas. Establishing my business for over 6 years now in this fantastic gym, I have continued to see great success with clients now in AmericaI have such a passion for improving individuals in their own required and specified way. My understanding of what PERSONAL training means is evident. I want goals achieved and would love to help you achieve your personal success. I strongly believe in long term health, fitness and happiness, good shape and looks are just a bonus to overall feeling amazing. To achieve this, it is in my certainty that with dedication, hard work and most defiantly enjoyment along the way, you can accomplish whatever personal goals you desire.

Have you coached since field hockey?

Strength and conditioning coach UNLV Men's Hockey team from 2018-2020

From 2018 I have had the honor of becoming the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UNLV Rebels Ice Hockey team. The progress of this team has grown massively, and I was excited to be apart of a program in which the coaches have high goals for.

It was my aim to condition the players to able to advance to continue their goal of reaching Division 1A and win the National Championships in March. This has become easier and easier, with the recruitment of top quality players, who have the highest motivation on and off the rink. The players program is intense with a lot of practice on the rink, and 2-3 games most weekends. So the importance of strength, conditioning and proper recovery during this tough sport is understood by the players. Unfortunately covid placed a pause on sports and I was unable to continue training the team.

Is there much difference training Ice hockey players to field hockey?

As a strength and conditioning coach, you should be able to adapt yourself to train anyone for their particular sports. It’s all about studying movement patterns that they use during their game and placing weighted conditioning in the gym. This allows for better functionality in their sport and therefore overall improvement.

Have you found any challenges training ice hockey players?

The only challenge is keeping the players injury free. This is such a physical sport, and there are weekends where the players have come back literally bruised and battered. So you always have to be prepared to adjust sessions after a weekend of games according to how the players physical state is.

What is your favorite type of race?

10km/6miles is my favorite distance. It’s a great distance to train for, as it’s a challenge to pace yourself correctly.

How would you recommend to begin running?

Don’t instantly think you are going to go out and start running miles. Begin slow and build on your pace. Even just 15 seconds of jogging, 1 minute of walking. Working on intervals will help you build your fitness.

How do you find people to run with?

There are plenty of running groups in cities. I would either enquire at your local gym, or simply google search. Don’t be afraid go and try.

Do you have to wear a certain type of trainers/sneakers?

Correct footwear is essential. I recommend you go to your local fitness or sport shop. Depending on your body and foots alignment, incorrect footwear can cause blisters and shin splints. Having a professional observe you walking on a treadmill, can help decipher how much cushion and support you will need.

Have you completed any races?

I enjoy the preparation and competition any day

I like to set outdoor activities and races as goals, to have other areas to work towards and also have fun with others. Running has always been apart of my life and found I have being able to both compete and use races for bringing others together to have a common goal. The majority of people training in the gym, train by themselves, so y connecting groups, this can help with motivation and allow the gym to be a more enjoyable place, having friends there.

From 5km walks, to 15km adventure races, to team relays in marathons, there are vast ranges of races in which you can build on your fitness and find what works best for you.

You would be amazed on how many people who tell me “I can’t run” start small and have ended up exceeding all their expectations.

Do you have other hobbies?

Enjoying my adventurous life with friends and family and experiencenew challenges

Between the gym and sport, I’ve always loved an active life. Therefore I love trying any new sport or activity and travelling to different places to do so.

Traveling around the world to different countries and experiencing new hikes is something I love. You never know what amazing sights you’ll see until you go and experience them.

Spending time with my friends and family is also so important. I’m extremely lucky to have such top people in my life that always join me on my adventures.

sarah dorman

Raised in Northern Ireland
Living in Las Vegas

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