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Take a look at my beautiful clients from the past and present

I've worked with over 100 clients and I've enjoyed every single one of them. Here are a few of my highlights over the years.
Rosie Stewart

I helped Rosie win the David Lloyd PT Hero Competition

Name: Rosie Stewart  Age: 69

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Location: Northern Ireland

Fitness Goal: Look better before visiting her family in Australia

Techniques Used: Cardio training and conditioning

Results: Winner of David Lloyd’s PT Hero Competition, lost 84 pounds in 9 months, went from waist size 18 to size 4.

Summary: The lovely, sweet Rosie came to me with a very simple goal, but that quickly turned into an enormous challenge — that she was ready for. Rosie completely changed her lifestyle and gained the best of her health and amazing figure, stunning her family. She continued her fitness journey with me and went on to beat 10,000 clients in the David Lloyd PT Hero Competition. So proud of her!

Lisa McEneaney

I helped Lisa prepare for a variety of races and competitions

Name: Lisa McEneaney

Occupation: Manages Successful Bars/Clubs

Fitness Goal: Get in better shape and become a better runner

Techniques Used: Weekly mix of cardio, running, swimming, and cycling, sport-specific training

Results: Lost 42 pounds, 10 inches, 3 dress sizes, and competes in triathlons regularly

Summary: It has been amazing to watch Lisa go from not being able to run for 15 seconds, laughing at me when I would tell her what her abilities were going to be, to now competing in dozens of races, decathlons, triathlons, and Half Iron Mans. She is my cardio superstar!

Kirsty Welsh

I helped Kirsty make several life changes

Name: Kirsty Welsh  Age: 40

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Location: Northern Ireland

Fitness Goal: Get back in the gym after having three kids

Techniques Used: Total body conditioning, circuit training, weekly running, flexibility training

Results: Completed New York Marathon and Belfast Marathon twice, lost 24 pounds, dropped 3 dress sizes, became a personal trainer

Summary: Kirsty used to be petrified of the gym, but that’s not the case anymore. She went from fearing the treadmill after having three kids to completing several marathons and becoming a personal trainer herself — talk about a life change!

Tony Watson

I helped Tony regain confidence after a major heart attack

Name: Tony Watson

Fitness Goal: Get back to a healthy and fit lifestyle after suffering a major heart attack

Techniques Used: Heart-rate monitored conditioning and cardio

Results: Lost 42 pounds, 5 inches off his waist, lifestyle improved dramatically

Summary: I was saddened to first meet Tony as he suffered a major heart attack post-gym. For 4 years, he was terrified to restart his training. With my cardiac rehabilitation qualification, Tony’s fitness and conditioning gradually improved. He finally felt like he could live his life again.

Kerry Rankin

I helped Kerry transform her body like she never imagined

Name: Kerry Rankin  Age: 43

Occupation: Special Needs Classroom Assistant

Location: Northern Ireland

Fitness Goal: Wight loss and drop dress sizes

Techniques Used: Progressive and functional weight training, fat-burning cardio

Results: Lost 49 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes, and lost 13 inches throughout body

Summary: Kerry was one of my first ever clients and she made personal training very easy. She worked so hard, listened, and did what I asked of her. The result was a total body transformation, she looks fab now!

Alison Gray

I helped Alison find the time to take control of her life

Name: Alison Gray

Fitness Goal: Achieve a better work, gym and life balance.

Techniques Used: Weight training, strength, conditioning

Results: Lost 24 pounds and 12% body fat

Summary: Having a high position of regional manager in her company, of hundreds of employees, Alison worked exceptionally long hours. Matching this with a vast amount of traveling every week, time to train wasn’t on her side. I showed her how QUALITY of training over hours of quantity can still help her achieve her goals.

Diane Maynes

I helped Diane rekindle her passion for running

Name: Diane Maynes

Fitness Goal: Find the motivation to stay fit with limited time

Techniques Used: Total body conditioning, running techniques, running management

Results: Lost 28 pounds, dropped 3 dress sizes, completed 2 marathons

Summary: Diana is a busy mum of two and a full-time teacher, but still allowed training to be top priority. It took hard work to fit running into her schedule with all the other priorities she had. Not only did she get back in shape, but she completed 2 marathons in the process!


I helped Eilish get her motivation back!

Name: Eilish Patterson

Fitness Goal: Find the motivation to get back in shape

Techniques Used: Fitness, conditioning

Results: Lost 17 pounds and 9% body fat

Summary: Eilish is a busy mum, works full-time on her own business and beat cancer, that fell off her gym motivation wagon. We got her back to doing what she loves, which was a hybrid of cardio and conditioning. This coupled with better nutrition choices, she achieved great results.

Becky Dallas

I helped Becky get back on the health and fitness wagon

Name: Becky Dallas

Occupation: Full-Time Nurse

Fitness Goal: Get back to a better work life balance, get back in shape

Techniques Used: Weight lifting, spin, group exercise, circuit training

Results: Dropped 30 pounds, 3 dress sizes and regained her love for training and a healthier lifestyle.

Summary: As Becky started working the night shift as a full time nurse, she lost her motivation for training, and also her nutrition wasn’t great. After careful time management and planning Becky dropped 30 pounds. We found her love for heavy lifting again, and worked out that spin was her favorite form of cardio. By eating better, and training 3-4 days a week, she achieved the better shape she desired. She even went on to climb mountains on vacation in Hawaii.

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