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Take a look at my beautiful clients from the past and present

I've worked with over 100 clients and I've enjoyed every single one of them. Here are a few of my highlights over the years.
Robert Kennedy

I helped Robert train for the Everest Marathon

Name: Robert Kennedy

Occupation: Surgeon

Fitness Goal: Train for the climb at Base Camp inn Everest, followed by the Everest Marathon

Techniques Used: Fitness and total body conditioning

Results: Dropped 16 pounds, finished the 19,000ft Everest Base Camp Climb, and finished the 6,000ft Everest Marathon.

Summary: I always got excited when Robert came in with his next challenge he wanted to complete and train for. When he came to me with the goal of climbing Everest and running the marathon, I never once doubted him. He took every session seriously without complaints. I was so excited for him when he first sent me that success selfie on Mt. Everest.

David Deane

I helped David prepare for the 26 Extreme race

Name: David Deane

Fitness Goal: Train for the 26 Extreme race

Techniques Used: Functional circuit training, running and bike cardio 4-5 times weekly

Results: Completed the 152-mile cycle, 16-mile kayak, and 26-mile run, finished the race in under 24 hours

Summary: David’s mindset towards training is amazing. There was never and hasn’t since been a point where David stops or quits training until he has completed what he set out to achieve. I will never forget the moment he completed the biggest race I’ve ever seen anyone do — all with a smile on his face. We have teamed up in many races since as our friendship continues.

Kate Farrelly

I helped Kate improve her hurdles and triple jump

Name: Kate Farrelly

Fitness Goal: Get better at hurdles and triple jump for track and field

Techniques Used: Sport-specific training, power, and plyometrics to build speed

Results: 1st place in the hurdles, triple jump, and relay at Ulster and All-Ireland Championships

Summary: Kate is such a sweet girl and one of the most naturally talented track athletes I’ve ever worked with. Through sport-specific track conditioning, we were able to build on her strength and power at the young age of 15. I looked forward to seeing Kate in the gym on a Monday with her medals achieved from the prior weekend.

Emma Russell

I helped Emma get back into shape and back to playing hockey

Name: Rosie Stewart

Fitness Goal: To get back into shape to play tennis and hockey at a higher level

Techniques Used: Cardio training and conditioning

Results: Massive increase in fitness, won more tennis matches, progressed to a higher team in hockey, dropped 20 pounds, 12% body fat, 3 dress sizes

Summary: Emma was really keen to progress in hockey and tennis to a higher level. So with plenty of strength and conditioning she has improved on both of her sports, moving up to higher teams and drastically improving her footwork. She completely changed her nutrition, and cleaned up her diet. Providing her without a lot more energy and a leaner frame to move around the court and pitch with ease.

Trish Fraser

I helped Trish improve her fit lifestyle for her sport and the feel good factor

Name: Trish Fraser

Fitness Goal: Improve her fitness and conditioning for tennis, and continue improving her healthy lifestyle

Techniques Used: Total body conditioning, sports specific conditioning, group exercise and cardio

Results: Improvement on her game of tennis, and overall conditioning

Summary: Age is just a number and Trish proves that 55 years old means nothing! She is an extremely keen tennis player but she had plateaued in her game. So I tailored a tennis specific conditioning program.

Following this as well as her tennis cardiovascular work, she has improved on game and winning tournaments.

Weston Goodman

I helped Weston prepare for College Hockey

Name: Weston Goodman  Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Location: Las Vegas

Fitness Goal: Continue to improve as an ice hockey player

Techniques Used: Sport-specific conditioning, single-arm and leg movements with rotation to strengthen and build power for hockey

Results: Improved conditioning and speed, faster, and stronger on the ice

Summary: It has been great to provide Weston with training and programs specific for his ice hockey conditioning. He has progressed this further, reaching college-level hockey standard.

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