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Take a look at my beautiful clients from the past and present

I've worked with over 100 clients and I've enjoyed every single one of them. Here are a few of my highlights over the years.

I helped Amy become runner up of Mrs Nevada of America

Name: Amy Keed

Fitness Goal: Compete in the Mrs Nevada of America pageant

Techniques Used: Cardio training and conditioning

Results: Winner of “Most photogenic” award and Runner up in the Mrs Nevada America pageant

Summary: The stunning Amy came to me with the goal of competing in the Mrs Nevada of America. Even being a full time mum, working full time, starting her own cosmetic line, writing a book and her charitable endeavors, Amy knew training was a priority. With high reps and low weights high intensity training, she achieved the slender, lightly toned looked she desired. Diet was important alongside this. She looked incredible on stage and she’s a winner in my eyes.

Justin Mortelliti

I helped Justin prepare for his top acting roles

Name: Justin Mortelliti

Occupation: Broadway Actor

Fitness Goal: To get in top shape for the main role of Christian in the musical Rock of Ages

Techniques Used: Weight lifting, circuits and High intensity interval fitness

Results: Achieving top conditioning while onstage and continuing on his move to hit broadway musicals

Summary: Justin was a joy to train. He completed everything I threw at him and more, all with a smile on his face. He maintained a healthy diet and worked hard 5 days a week. From a mixture of interval training and heavy weight lifting, Justin was fit enough to sing and act amazingly on stage nearly every night of the week.


I helped Olivia build confidence with her beautiful figure

Name: Olivia Perry

Fitness Goal: Work overall on her conditioning and shape

Techniques Used: Weight lifting, conditioning, cardio, group exercise

Results: Lost 30 pounds, 6 inches off his waist, dropped 3 dress sizes

Summary: It has been amazing to watch someone so nervous when first stepping into the gym, to now training 6 days a week. Olivia is proof that lifting weights does not make you bulky, it makes you beautifully conditioned.

Alongside 5 days of week training, Olivia is becoming a keen runner, and constantly testing herself with new challenges, including running races with myself.

Anna Rai

I helped Anna retrieve her post baby body

Name: Anna Rai

Fitness Goal: Get back to into shape post natal

Techniques Used: Total body conditioning, interval cardio

Results: Building her core strength again and regaining her pre natal figure

Summary: Anna worked extremely hard 4 days a week alongside proper nutrition to regain her pre baby body again. The main aim was to build her core and overall conditioning. The evidence is clear of her hard work.

Dawn Irvine

I helped Dawn get her motivation back!

Name: Dawn Irvine

Occupation: Health Care Nurse

Fitness Goal: Find the motivation, no more “mom body”

Techniques Used: Weight lifting, strength, conditioning, group training

Results: Lost 18 pounds and 11% body fat

Summary: Dawn is a full-time health care nurse that fell off her gym motivation wagon. We got her back to doing what she loves: lifting weights and taking part in classes. Showing you can look fabulous in your 40’s.

Judith Adamson

I helped Judith find the time to take control of her life

Name: Judith Adamson  Age: 38

Fitness Goal: Get rid of the “mom body,” find interest in the gym

Techniques Used: Weight training, strength, conditioning

Results: Lost 20 pounds and 12% body fat

Summary: Judith is a busy mum of three boys and a full-time dentist, so time wasn’t necessarily on her side. I helped her fight this battle with total body conditioning, dedication, and nutrition. She is now 100% in the “Yummy Mummy Society!”


I helped Claire achieve the bridal figure she desired

Name: Claire Mckendry

Fitness Goal: Feel great in her bridal gown walking down the aisle

Techniques Used: Total body conditioning, fat-burning cardio

Results: Felt amazing on her special day

Summary: Claire wanted to feel fabulous on her big day. The combination of proper nutrition and total body conditioning 3 days a week, as well as fat burning cardio, Claire looked stunning in her wedding dress.


I helped Alice feel great and look even better walking down the aisle

Name: Alice Brunker

Fitness Goal: Be a stunning bride on her big day

Techniques Used: Fitness and total body conditioning

Results: Having a lovely lean figure in her figure hugging dress

Summary: Every bride is searching for the perfect figure in their wedding dress. Alice understood the importance of maintaining a healthy diet to combat the stress of planning her big day. Through good conditioning, Alice built lean muscle, to show off lovely toned arms and figure, being one stunning bride.


I helped Lissette be the most stunning grandmother

Name: Lissette Waugh

Location: Las Vegas

Fitness Goal: Improve on her conditioning for vacation and general health

Techniques Used: Weight lifting, conditioning and fat burning cardio

Results: Back to competing as a show jumper and winning competitions

Summary: Even being a full time parent and running her own successful business, Lissette understand the importance of positive nutrition and exercise. I knew it would be an easy task getting Lissette unbelievably conditioned for her vacation. She is definitely product of how lifting heavy weights does not make you “bulky”. With a super healthy diet, Lisette is one stunning grandmother.

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