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Here are some of my favorite all-time races!

spartan super race

16km of tough obstacles and racing in the sand

Name of Event: Spartan Super

Location: Mesquite, Nevada

Results: We ran the entire race in a quicker time we set

What It Involved: 16km/10miles, lots of obstacles

Summary: One of my favorite races I’ve ever ran. This was a great challenge of tough obstacles and nearly the entire race was ran in sand. We trained for four months for this race, and the training paid off. My two close friends and I pushed the pace and our fitness paid off.

total warrior 12km race

I came 12th out of 1600 females taking part in this total warrior race

Name of Event: Total Warrior 12km Race

Location: The Lake District, England

Results: 12th place out of 1600 females

What It Involved: 12km/7.5miles, lots of obstacles

Summary: This is one of my absolute favorite races I ever ran. Our group of 6 trained together 3 days a week for months in preparation. We all set our sights high for a top result and did so. This was one of the nicest races I have ever done, the scenery was great, the obstacles were challenging and the training leading up to this was super tough, but we got through it together.

Run her 10km race

I achieved my 10km personal best in this great race

Name of Event: Run Her Race

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

What It Involved: 10km/6.2mile, 300 feet incline

Results: My personal best time in a 10km

Summary: This was a highly competitive race along the coast line of Northern Ireland. It was a great run and I hit my 10km personal best of 47 minutes, even in a morph suit. Was an extra bonus raising a-lot of money for Breast cancer awareness.

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