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UNLV Rebels Mens Ice Hockey

I am the strength and conditioning coach for the UNLV REBELS

Since my move to Las Vegas I’ve had the privilege of becoming the strength and conditioning coach for the UNLV Rebels men’s ice hockey team.

The progress of this team has grown massively, and it is my aim to condition the players of the rink using sports specific conditioning.

The teams program has progressed massively, with the coaches scouting better players every year. The main aim is to able to advance to Division 1 and win the annual National Championship in March.

Unlv rebels ice hockey

The UNLV rebelsknow the importance of training

Fitness and conditioning testing is important to be carried out with the players, at the beginning and throughout the season to assess player progress. Their fitness and body composition changes throughout the season, due to the high volume of training and games. Therefore, monitoring the team indivually is essential.

Fitness, strength and power is such an important aspect to athletes conditioning to work on off the rink. This therefore allows athletes to focus on their skill and game without fitness being an issue.

Unlv rebels ice hockey

Team building days with the UNLV Rebels help secure team bonding

Team building is an intricate part to improve team rapport for overall better play.

We’ve had great opportunities to combine training and bonding, working together at the Las Vegas Fire department. Carrying out firefighting tasks as a team. We’ve had timed fitness challenges, games, outdoor mountain training. All of these ensure unity on the rink.


I helped the Irish U18 hockey team prepare for and WIN the European Championships

At the start of training the Irish U18 hockey girls, I sat with the coaches and staff and discussed the overall goals. At the end of the 2 years, we not only had the European Championships in our sights, but we were confident in our outcome.

Setting a 2 year goal can seem like a long task. However, with the proper planning, the girls played exceptionally during a heatwave in Italy and achieved that GOLD MEDAL.


Both gold medals and other awards were achieved in the Championship

It was aim as the strength and conditioning coach, it was my job to be most thorough in my planning, preparation and monitoring of the players progress. This was essential as the girls played an intense, club, school and international schedule. Putting together an fitness, mobility and recovery programs this helped the players perform to their optimum level in the European Championships.

Watching the players not only achieve the gold, I was pleased to observe Lena Tice (left) achieving the prestigious award of player of the whole championship.

And player Sally Campbell (right) achieving the word of top goal scorer within the championship.

The players competed and won multiple games in preparation

One tournament the players won in preparation was the tri-nations championships, beating Scotland and Wales.

Things included within my Strength and Conditioning program:

  • Speed, agility and quickness
  • Sports specific dynamic warm up
  • Concentrated cool down, to rehabilitate muscles and reduce fatigue
  • Hockey strength and conditioning exercises, tailored to improve precise muscle groups required
  • Fitness testing and set programs designed to measure and evolve stamina and endurance



Belfast harlequins hockey club

I helped the 6 teams of Belfast Harlequins Hockey Club with their fitness

As well As playing, for 5 years I trained my field hockey club Belfast Harlequins for strength and conditioning. This included fitness sessions, fitness testing, strength and conditioning programs, and teaching each team suitable warm up and cool down techniques.

The club consists of six ladies teams. The 1st XI ladies hockey team is in the premier league, the highest league possible in all of Ireland.


I became the coach and captain of my Liverpool University hockey team

For two years I was selected as coach and captain of my university field hockey squad. We played both our University league and the Liverpool club league.

With structured fitness and strength and conditioning coaching we worked hard as a team and achieved promotion and won BOTH our university and senior leagues. I not only enjoyed achieving great success but working with a decimated squad. I truly believe in building unity and strong rapport in a team. This results in high dedication and the winning results followed.

sarah dorman

Raised in Northern Ireland
Living in Las Vegas

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